The unpack action will expand an epub file much like a zip utilitie expands a zip file.

To unpack an epub select the unpack action from the toolbar.

unpack opotion

The unpack action will prompt you for the input epub file and the desired output location.

The first prompt will be for the input epub file, select the epub file you wish to expand.


The unpacker will not be able to expand epub files that are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). You will need to find an alternative tool to remove DRM before using the unpacker.

You will then be prompted for an output location. This is simply the folder you wish to expand the ePub into.


Once you have navigated to the output location, press ‘Open’ and the unpack action will begin.

Large ePub files may take some time to expand.

Once complete the console will report the action result thus:


You should be able to observe the files in your File explorer and be able to edit them using your favourite editing program: