The open command will run a process for viewing or editing the manifest of the template. It is meant to be a convenient shortcut to the manifest from the command line.

Please note that for the open command to function in this way, it requires the environment variable ARCHETYPE_TEMPLATE_EDITOR to be defined with an executable that is capable of viewing and editing text files set. A recommended option is vi, but you could put the executable of any text editor you like in here (for exampled code for vscode).

To open a template run:

archetype open

You will be presented with an interactive list of template names to choose from:

Please choose manifest (Press ↑/↓/←/→ arrow to move and Enter to select)
‣ go_module

Pick the template you wish to open and press ENTER. This will open the selected manifest in the editor set earlier.

You may also provide a --name option that will bypass the template choice. This requires the precise name of the template:

archetype open --name bash_script

In the event the template does not exist, then an error message will be displayed signifying that AppArchetype was unable to find the specified template:

archetype open --name nope
✖ ERROR: Unable to find manifest nope