This command will remove a template and its manifest from the ARCHETYPE_TEMPLATE_DIR.

For example, if you have a template called bash_script in your template directory, you could delete it by running:

archetype delete

You will be presented with an interactive list of template names to choose from:

Please choose manifest (Press ↑/↓/←/→ arrow to move and Enter to select)
‣ go_module

Pick the template you wish to delete and press ENTER.

You will then be prompted for confirmation:

Please choose manifest for deletion test
Are you sure you want to delete test? (Y/n)

Enter Y to confirm or n to cancel.

When confirmed a success message will be presented once the template is removed:

✔ Template described by `test` has been removed

You may also provide a --name option that will bypass the template choice. This requires the precise name of the template:

archetype delete --name test

In the event the template is not found, then an error message will be displayed signifying that AppArchetype was unable to find the specified template:

archetype delete --name nope
✖ ERROR: Unable to find manifest nope

This will permanently delete the template. Please only run this if your template directory is in source control.