The find command allows you to search for a template by name. It accepts an optional --name parameter that should include some text that is likely to match the template you’re searching for:

archetype find --name ruby

When the --name flag is not provided you’ll be prompted for a template name that will function in the same way as the --name flag. Enter some text likely to match the template you’re searching for and press ENTER

You will then be presented with a list of templates that match the name query provided. It will look something like this:

NAME                        VERSION
github-ruby-gem-pipeline    1.0.0  
bitbucket-ruby-gem-pipeline 1.0.0  
ruby_cli_gem                1.0.0

In the event that your search returns no results, then a message signifying this will be printed to STDOUT:

archetype find --name yolo
✖ ERROR: No manifests with name `yolo` found.